Terms and Conditions

1. Identity

Alfredo Gallardo/Substrata (hereafter referred to as “Substrata”)

With official address in

Rancho Upacuaro 31

Colonia Haciendas de Coyoacán

Ciudad de México


2. Payment in online store

The customer can buy online at https://substrata.mx with international security standars as SSL technology and encriptation.

The Customer can use Creditcard and Paypal (for international orders), Debit card and convenience stores as OXXO (Just México)

Substrata reserves the right to refuse orders or reservations if:

– There is a serious suspicion of bad faith or intent of fraud;

– There are repeated abuses of the right of withdrawal;

– Their is suspicion of repeated abuse or fraud by a client;

– Are faulty, suspect or incorrect customer information specified;

– It is determined that a person gives up repeatedly fictitious personal data;

– There is an abnormal amount of a quantity ordered, possibly in several purchase orders

3.  Processing of the orders

Once payment is confirmed the customer receive an email confirming his payment was successful

We take 14 days for process an order and the customer is going to receive an email telling that his/her order is “processing”

Once the order is processed and packed we are going to send another email with the confirmation of the order

We are going to create a tracking code that a representative of the label is going to send, vía email to the customer, 13 days after the receivement of the payment

Substrata, gives NO REFUNDS to placed orders at the online store.
If it’s a major case please contact us through email: contact@substrata.mx to evaluate if we are able to reimburse the customer or not, so Substrata have the the right to determine this.

If you want your tracking code please write an email to: contact@substrata.mx and one of our representatives is going to send it to you.

4. Delivery or pick up of an order


The delivery to the customer – after the receipt of the payment – is made to an address chosen by the customer.

Should the delivery of the ordered goods be delayed, Substrata reserves the right to alter the sales price.

The sales price will be changed in case of change of the purchase price, taxes, duties or levies due by Substrata in the period of time between the date of acceptance of the order and the date of the scheduled delivery.

Attention! This is an order with obligation of payment.


Local pick up (Mexico City Only)

When the customer orders an item from the showroom and chooses to withdraw this at Substrata’s showroom (option ‘Local pick up), it will be available in the store several days later, depending on the stock and/or availability.

The customer has 14 days right of withdrawal.

If the goods are not collected by the client after electronic messages or e-mails, Substrata is entitled within the period of one month, to cancel the order or agreement as dissolved.

Attention! This is an order with obligation of payment.


5.- Shipping rates

We keep visible the most usual shipping rates (up to 250 grams) (approximately one vinyl and one CD or up to 3 CD’s)
In case the size and weight exceed the rates, Substrate. will contact the customer to tell you how much is the extra for the shipment that weighs more than 250 grams.

We leave here a table of prices by weight and by continent using the Standard Airmail service (Mexpost):

– North America, Central America and the Caribbean:
0.1 – 250 grams (That is aproximately 3 CD’s and something more): $ 5.00 USB
251-500 grams (That is aproximately 8 CD’s and something more): $ 8.00 USD
501 – 1000 grams: (That is aproximately 13 CD’s and something more) $ 15.00 USD
1001 – 2000 grams: (That is aproximately 28 Cd’s) $ 30.00 USD

– Europe & South America
0.1 – 250 grams (That is aproximately 3 CD’s and something more): $ 7.00 USB
251-500 grams (That is aproximately 8 CD’s and something more): $ 12.00 USD
501 – 1000 grams: (That is aproximately 13 CD’s and something more) $ 24.00 USD
1001 – 2000 grams: (That is aproximately 28 Cd’s) $ 45.00 USD

– Asia, Africa and Oceania:
0.1 – 250 grams (That is aproximately 3 CD’s and something more): $ 9.00 USD
251-500 grams (That is aproximately 8 CD’s and something more): $ 13.5 USD
501 – 1000 grams: (That is aproximately 13 CD’s and something more) $ 26.00 USD
1001 – 2000 grams: (That is aproximately 28 Cd’s) $ 51.00 USD

6. Price

Unless stated otherwise in the contract, the prices are VAT and other possible taxes included. Additional mandatory delivery, order, or other administrative costs are not included and are listed separately.

All prices are in US Dollars

All prices are based on Cash & Carry.

Items bought at the online store of Substrata are paid by the customer before delivery. There will be no delivery or order until the full purchase price has been paid. The price, including any delivery charges, must therefore be paid in full before delivery. Only then is the contract of “distance selling” effectuated.

Promotions and special offers are only valid as long as the stock last.

For the consequences of typographical or graphical errors in the prices or articles, abnormalities in images or interim changes in design, Substrata can not be held liable.

Substrata reserves the right to modify orders changing unilaterally the appropriated price if it appears that the price indication and / or product description of a product would be incorrectly labeled, due to a technical fault or human shortcoming.

Payment for online orders can be made via PayPal, Credit card (For international orders) and also Debit cards and payment in convenience stores as OXXO (For mexican customers only) as offered by the payment service: Conekta.

Substrata accepts cash payment in collection at the Showroom (previous booking) not at the moment of delivery (in the case of sending packages)

If you have a discount coupon you can use it the number of times you are allowed to, the system can block an user that wants to enter a coupon that is not current at the time.

substrata is going to respect the due date of that coupon, so if there’s some errors in the webpage, send an email to: contact@substrata.mx and give us your discount coupon number and we are going to respect the special price.

7. Terms and conditions

The mode of delivery is indicated in a confirmation e-mail to the customer and the customer should indicate the delivery option that he/she fits better or prefer

The ordered products are delivered depending on the available stock.

Deliveries will be made by Mexpost and Standard Mexican Airmail (Correos de México).

There is no partial delivery possible, all products ordered in one order are all delivered together unless otherwise agreed upon between Substrata and the customer, and the customer should take consideration about additional costs.

Orders are delivered to the address specified by the customer at the time of his order.

The driver or carrier may request proof of identity at delivery. In this case the customer signs for receiving the delivery, through an endorsement on a delivery.

Every visible defect in the product should be reported to Substrata via e-mail to contact@substrata.mx with a photograph of the damage. This must occur within two days of delivery.

Substrata will determine if the damage is eligible for compensation and how compensation will happen.

Substrata reserves the right to make a proposal to the client on this method of compensation.

If the customer is not present at the time of delivery of products, a message is left in the mailbox by the local post office , so the client can, after showing the identity, pick up the product within 14 calendar days at the local post office. In case of re-offer because of the absence of the customer, Substrata reserves the right to charge the possible costs connected to this re-offer.

8. Delivery

Delivery dates are not an essential element of the sales agreement.

Unless another date for delivery has been agreed, for example in the case of pre-order, or out of stock order, Substrata deliver the products not later than 45 days after the conclusion of the contract.

Should Substrata not be able to comply with this deadline, an new time of delivery which is appropriate in the circumstances, is agreed upon with the customer and this can vary from country to country.

If the package is marked as delivered and the customer was not in home, nor picked it up from local post office, Substrata cannot refund and the customer must pay the shipping fee.
If this is your case please write an email to: contact@substrata.mx and we are going to guide you in this re-shipping process.

9. Pick up in Showroom

Products can be collected or picked up in the Substrata’s showroom.

Substrata reserves the right to solely assign the goods on presentation of proof of the order and a valid identity card or passport, possibly accompanied by a signed and original power of attorney of the person in whose name the order is done. Basically, it is the identity of the natural person who made the order that must be proved or the identity of the legal representative in case of an order made by a legal entity. The products remain available for 14 calendar days, after which the order will be canceled.

To prevent payment fraud and to retrieve it in case of a judicial investigation, Substrata is entitled to take a copy of the identity card or identity document.

10. Warranty

To invoke the warranty, the customer must present proof of purchase.

For articles that were purchased online and are delivered to the customer, the customer must contact our customer service via contact@substrata.mx after which the customer must return the product purchased at substrata.mx at his or her own expense.

Any defect must be reported within 2 days after delivery at the customer’s home.

Afterwards, all rights to repair or replacement are declined.

(Commercial and / or legal) guarantee never applies to defects that arise as a result of accidents, neglect, falls, abnormal or incorrect use, use of the product inconsistent with purpose for which it was designed, failure to follow the instructions or manual adjustments or modifications to the article, rough use, poor maintenance, abnormal or incorrect use.

Neither does it apply to products with a shorter life, or wear and tear items.

Defects that manifest themselves after a period of 1 month from date of purchase or delivery shall be deemed to have no latent defects, unless they are subject to proof by the customer.

The warranty is not transferable.

11. Transfer of ownership and risk

The ownership of the goods is of Substrata is transferred on to the customer at the moment of receipt or delivery of the goods after full payment of the price. As long as the purchase price was not paid, it is specifically prohibited to pledge the goods or offer them in any way or use them as collateral. The customer is expressly prohibited to make changes to these goods, to make this property immovable by incorporation or destination, to sell them or in any way exploit possessive rights.

12. Risks of the Internet

The customer is aware of the limitations and risks associated with the use of internet or any other medium that allows to visit the website. Also, the customer is aware of the risks of digital or electronic storage and transmission of information. The customer accepts that Substrata is not liable for any damage, by using the website https://substrata.mx, and or: https://substratamx.bandcamp.com/ , as a result of the aforementioned risks. The customer accepts that electronic communications and backups can serve as proof.

13. General Provisions – Jurisdiction

12.1. In the case one of the articles of these terms and conditions would be invalid or void, or in the case they would be declared invalid by a competent court, this shall not affect the validity of the other articles of these terms and conditions which then remain fully applicable. If one of the articles of these terms and conditions would be invalid or void or would be declared as invalid by a competent court, the parties will jointly consult to replace this article with a valid article as close as possible to the initial intent of the parties.

12.2. All agreements between Substrata and its customers and these terms are governed exclusively by Mexican Law.

Any dispute regarding the existence, implementation and / or interpretation of these terms and conditions and all agreements between Substrata and its customers fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Mexico city

14. Intellectual Property

All texts, commentaries, periodicals, illustrations and images displayed on the website are protected by copyright and related rights, as well as by any law relating to intellectual property and this for the whole world. Any partial or total reproduction of the website or the catalogue of Substrata is strictly prohibited.

15. Complaints or disputes

For any complaints and disputes, the customer can contact the customer service of Substrata:

Email: contact@substrata.mx

Phone: (045) 7771 41 5655 (Monday to Friday) from 8.30 AM till noon.