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Waves of Redemption a benefit project for the victims of 7S,19S and 23S

Waves of Redemption Cover

We’ve released the compilation “[Waves of Redemption] Contemporary sounds in solidarity with Mexico” on November 2th with the aim for helping in reconstruction labours in indigenous communities that was affected by the Earthquakes with epicentres in Chiapas (September 7th), Puebla (September 19th) and Oaxaca (September 23rd)
Waves of Redemption is an international compilation with artists working into the contemporary music, alt-classical, experimental music and sound art fields.

The people can look more deeply to this project at:

The artists where invited to donate one unpublished track or to record something new.
The artists that donated tracks (for the digital edition) are: Angélica Castelló, Carl Michael Von Hausswolff, Rogelio Sosa, Z’EV, Francisco López, Joachim Montessuis, Carmina Escobar, Richard Skelton, Dirk Serries, Kristoffer Lo, Mario Díaz de León, Lori Goldston among many more.

This project was presented at SOMA México.

The main goal of this compilation is to aim for funds for reconstruction labours by the Mexican NGO: Cooperación Comunitaria.
As a permanent project we are going to present live performances, talkings and non-traditional projects with the aim of raising funds for a physical edition that is going to include texts by renowned mexican researchers and artists, also the revenues of this album is going to be directed to reconstruction labours in Oaxaca.