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Waves of Redemption a benefit project for the victims of 7S,19S and 23S

Waves of Redemption Cover

We’ve released the compilation “[Waves of Redemption] Contemporary sounds in solidarity with Mexico” on November 2th with the aim for helping in reconstruction labours in indigenous communities that was affected by the Earthquakes with epicentres in Chiapas (September 7th), Puebla (September 19th) and Oaxaca (September 23rd)
Waves of Redemption is an international compilation with artists working into the contemporary music, alt-classical, experimental music and sound art fields.

The people can look more deeply to this project at:

The artists where invited to donate one unpublished track or to record something new.
The artists that donated tracks (for the digital edition) are: Angélica Castelló, Carl Michael Von Hausswolff, Rogelio Sosa, Z’EV, Francisco López, Joachim Montessuis, Carmina Escobar, Richard Skelton, Dirk Serries, Kristoffer Lo, Mario Díaz de León, Lori Goldston among many more.

This project was presented at SOMA México.

The main goal of this compilation is to aim for funds for reconstruction labours by the Mexican NGO: Cooperación Comunitaria.
As a permanent project we are going to present live performances, talkings and non-traditional projects with the aim of raising funds for a physical edition that is going to include texts by renowned mexican researchers and artists, also the revenues of this album is going to be directed to reconstruction labours in Oaxaca.

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The Void of Expansion Live @ dunk!festival

The Void of Expansion;  experimental music duo of the legendary Belgian guitarist Dirk Serries (Vidna Obmana, Fear Falls Burning, Yodok III) and the highly talented Swedish drummer Tomas Järmyr (Zu, Motorpsycho, Yodok III, Doffs Poi, Barchan) is going to gather again to perform on Saturday May 27th on Dunk! Festival, to be celebrated in Belgium.

The duo is going to perform along with several acts such as Swans, Earth, Aidan Baker, among others.

The Void of Expansion explores, from a free Jazz methodology of improvisation without boundaries, the sonorities of drone, shoegaze, ambient, post rock and noise with a minimalistic approach.
The name of the band is an abstract idea about the principle of emanation, this is an anthropological concept found in ancient cultures, eastern and western philosophies and in some contemporary art practices.

Image result for the void of expansion

One day before this concert, the band is going to enter to Sunny Side Inc Studio for a new The Void of Expansion record.
This album is going to be published by Substrata. and distributed worldwide.

You can buy the tickets at the Official Dunk!Festival Webpage

This 2017 edition of this festival is going to take place on:
Jeugdheem De Populier
Address: Letterkouter 8 (GPS: Kouterken, 9620 Zottegem)
9620 Zottegem (Velzeke-Ruddershove)

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Dirk Serries (Be)

Dirk Serries


  • Dirk Serries (Be) – Electric guitar , sound processing, amps

For more than 30 years the Belgian guitarist and composer Dirk Serries has developed a unique signature sound as the result of the deep exploration into genres such as drone, ambient, dark ambient, industrial, shoegaze, noise and recently free improv.
From the 80’s he released several albums under the pseudonym Vidna Obmana until 2007, the year in which he decided to close that chapter to continue evolving his sound iwth numerous projects and collaborations.

His solo works are inspired by the process of introspection that reflects abstract sound compositions formed by sustained droning layers, walls of sound and texture saturation using electric guitar as the main source for eroding the sound waves by various analog electronic devices and types of amplification.
Serries creates almost cinematic ambient soundscapes that have the power to carry us to indomitable abstract planes.

Dirk Serries is the name behind projects such as Fears Falls Burning, Continuum and Microphonics. Along his career, Serries has worked with artists such as: Asmus Tietchens, Steve Roach, Justin K. Broadrik (Godflesh, Jesu), Aidan Baker, Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree), Steve Noble, John Dikeman, Collin Webster, among others and toured with bands such as My Bloody Valentine, Mono (Jap), Low, Jesu among others.

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