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Sustain (01)

First edition of our a-temporal contemporary experimental music cycle to be celebrated continously within the frames of México City (Or anywhere else)

March 17th
Carmina Escobar – Caja Negra (Introspección 0)
Phill Niblock – Trabajando (Una and Dos)/Sur (Una and Dos)
Sustain Carmina escobar

March 18th

Rogelio Sosa – Interior III
An electroacoustic, acousmatic multichannel experience.
Sustain Rogelio Sosa

March 19
“Foghorn”: a doccumentary about Kristoffer Lo’s The Black Meat by André Løyning.
Sustain André Loyning

Special Thanks to: Phill Niblock, Kristoffer Lo, Tito Rivas, Paola Ascencio, Javier Lara, Rodrigo Casas, Patricia Gomez Martinez, Sharon García, Lillian Müller, Alma Delia Mendez , Daniela Pinilla, Paulina Granados, Miguel Ángel Dávalos, Mara Arteaga, Rogelio Sosa, Andrés Oriard, Humberto Zamorate, Discos Mono, André Løyning.

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