The Black Meat by Kristoffer Lo – Vinyl


Masterpiece of the visionary Norwegian tubaist Kristoffer Lo (Highasakite, Yodok, Yodok III, Robin Hayward’s Microtub) recorded live at Ryvingen Lighthouse, a lighthouse at the very south of Norway.
It comes in vinyl with a beautiful cover: A photo of the night sky of Ryvingen by  André Løyning.

Label: Propeller Recordings

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One of the most amazing and adventurous experimental albums ever made.
Kristoffer Lo’s The Black Meat is a complete journey into the most emotive aspect of ambient/noise and alt-classical music.
This album comes from a recording session made in 2013 in the lighthouse of the isle of Ryvingen, Norway in which Kristoffer played an amplified tuba, flugabone, guitar, and strategically placed amplifiers and microphones to resonate and catch the acoustics of the space in a very intimate recording session while a storm was hitting outside.
French philosopher Gaston Bachelard in his poetics of the space talks about the representation of one’s own beloved place among the storms – The artist and his own demiurg in the middle of the cosmic drama, opening a shelter for sound and his own voice- Therefore this album has the power to situate the listener in a very intimate and at the same time vast, enormous, desolated and indomitable, marvelous place.

Epic soundscapes by one of the most original musicians from our times.

Label: Propeller Recordings

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