Examination of the Eye of a Horse by MoE – CD


This edition comes in a beautiful packed digipack, it also comes with special features made for Mexico and Latin América.
Originally released by Conrad Sound, distributed by Substrata.
Special features by Substrata.


On the new album, MoE challenges their established sound and brings themselves to uncharted territory. The production reveals new sides that embraces the duality in their music, resulting in their most dynamic and courageous album so far.

Their previous releases have focused on a live energy, Examination of the Eye of a Horse puts the band into a more elaborate production. The collaboration with producer and mixer Jørgen Træen brings new and unheard elements to the the genre, integrating instrumentation as the legendary Octobass (a double bass more than 12.5 ft tall that produces very low frequencies and subsonics),strings, electronics and saw.

The album includes first class collaborations as the japanese harsh noise legend Pain Jerk, among other very interesting musicians giving as result a good produced obscure and elemental album.
Between the border of drone and noise rock, this norwegian band puts minimalist but raw compositions into the terrains of the finest sludge-punk records out there.
This album makes reminiscence to the experiences the band lived in the country of Japan.

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