Rogelio Sosa – Eclíptica (Eng)

Release: July 2018


Substrata. contemporary experimental music, avant garde and sound art label and platform presents the most recent studio album of the Mexican contemporary composer, musician and sound artist Rogelio Sosa in a special edition double LP.


The tracks that make up Ecliptica were produced from improvisations made with a guitar pedal modular matrix -connected by a closed circuit – that generates and processes feedback signals. The sounds resulting from this feedback system find their root in complex signals of chaotic behavior. The improvisational and compositional mediation with this instrument consists of running small parametric variations that trigger new arborescences of a continuous energy flow that seems to have an organic, autonomous life and in constant mutation.

The twelve themes that make up this double album were recorded in the same number of days and are organized in two separate sections: The first, inspired by scenes of necromancy and shamanic trance, while the second alludes to ritual practices that exalt/praise the celestial order. Thus the title of the album and the succession of the pieces seek to place the listener in a programmatic context that invites him/her to enter a nonexistent mythology, inspired by syncretic mysticism and the cyclic nature of certain forces and invisible energies.

We can find some indirect references in the work of contemporary composers and sound artists as: Karlheinz Stockhausen (Some of his electronic pieces), Eliane Radigue, Else Marie Pade, Kevin Drumm, David Maranha, Thanos Chrysakis,  or Toshimaru Nakamura.


Disc 1 / Side A

Cantos del crepúsculo
Figuras de Lumbre

Disc 1 / Side B

Danza de los brujos
La noche del Nahual
El sexto presagio

Disc 2 / Side C

Constelaciones imposibles

Disc 3 / Side D

Día de equinoccio
Quimeras del desierto
Entierro celeste

Composed by Rogelio Sosa
Recording and mixing by Rogelio Sosa
Mastered by James Plotkin –
Art direction and concept by Rogelio Sosa / Alfredo Gallardo
Graphic design by Rutger Zuydervelt
Photography  by Mara Arteaga
Special thanks to Museo Comunitario del Valle de Xico

Rogelio Sosa
(Ciudad de México, 1977): I
s an experimental musician and sound artist. He is also an active promoter of new music and sound art in Mexico. His work include live performances, sound installations and electroacoustic compositions. By using a wide range of sound sources, electronic media and kinetic devices, his work explores sound morphology, improvisation, the intensification of the acoustic space and  performativity.

He studied at the Ateliers UPIC and the IRCAM in Paris. He pursued a masters  degree at the Paris 8 University. His work has been presented in more than 40 cities of the  world. His music is published by Substrata, Sub Rosa, Bocian, Important and Mode Records.
He lives in Mexico City since 2004 and he is director of the Experimental Music Festival Aural and member of the Sistema Nacional de Creadores since 2012.
His latest installations have been shown at the Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporáneo MUAC-UNAM (Reverberaciones, 2017 and EES, 2016); Bethanien Museum Berlin (Zwischen Grenzen, 2016); Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca (Sonoplastia and LeStiBi, 2015) and the Centro Cultural de España (Sustain, 2017), Laboratorio de Arte Alameda (Entre Límites, 2016), and Museo de Arte Moderno (Bosque Sonoro, 2016) in Mexico City.
Sosa has been awarded by the National Fund for the Arts, FONCA (Mexico) in six occasions, and has received important prizes and distinctions such as SCRIME  Electroacoustic Music Prize (Bordeaux, France, 2000); the IMEB Electroacoustic Music  Contest (Bourges, France, 2001), the Nuevas Resonancias Award (Mexico, 2001), the  Russolo Electroacoustic Music Contest (Varese, Italy, 2002) and the EAR Electroacoustic  Music Contest (Budapest, Hungary, 2003) and the Visiones Sonoras Prize (Mexico, 2008).  In 2000 he was awarded the National Youth Award for the Arts in Mexico.