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Substrata releases “Ashes and Blues” by The Void of Expansion

The Void of Expansion

Substrata proudly publishes the acclaimed first album: “Ashes and Blues” by the Swedish/Belgian duo The Void of Expansion.

The date of release (worldwide)  is going to be August 13th via our webpage and it’s going to hit some specialized stores – truly compromised with sound –


The Void of Expansion is the duo comprised by the highly skilled free-jazz drummer Tomas Järmyr from Sweden, well know for his notorial presence in avant-garde, new music and modern experimental bands such as ZU, Motorpsycho, Yodok III and Yodok and the Belgian veteran experimentalist and guitarist Dirk Serries (VidnaObmana, Yodok III , Fear Falls Burnin, Kodian Trio)

The combination of this two personalities brings us a perfect mixture of sound and expression.

With an introspective, enigmatic, yet equally feral and untamed sound, the work of The Void of Expansion moves within the limits of genres such as noise-rock, shoegaze, drone, free jazz and modern sound experimentation.

The musical exercise of The Void of Expansion in “Ashes and Blues” is like that of a craftsman working his art in precise detail, while at once creating the impression of free motion through sinuous paths.

Movement gives way to the overflowing energy of free improvisation, in an exercise of concentration and expansion, levels of tension and liberation of energy, breaking through layers of sound, textures of various kinds, amplitudes and unorthodox harmonic, melodic and rhythmic structures and patterns with an almost psychic effectiveness, automatically remitting to a cosmic vastness, desolate places, nocturnal glares and a special ritual aroma.

Originally published on vinyl under the dutch label A New Wave of Jazz Substrata brings a new edition, remastered -specially for CD format- by Dirk Serries at his studio in Belgium.

This new edition includes new artwork, made by the german multimedia artist: Juliane Schütz and abstract photography by the musician and photographer Martina Verhoeven bringing us a new visual experience.

It comes in a beautiful special edition , deluxe digipack which also includes two postcards.

The Void of Expansion - Ashes and Blues digipack open


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