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MoE (No)


  • Guro Sklumsness Moe: Electric Bass, Octobass, voice, sound processing
  • Håvard Skasett: Guitars, effects, voice
  • Joakim Heibø Johansen: Drums


Based in Oslo, Norway, the band MoE is known for mixing minimalistic compositions with alternative and experimental approaches that fails to fit in the noise rock sub-genre.

With a highly adventurous spirit, the band goes into the terrains of noise rock always in search for expanding the possibilities of sound integrating elements and sonorities that was never explored in the genre.

MoE seeks the absolute presence in the execution of the music. Loud and violently, they molest their instruments and brings the listener closer to a healthy insanity produced by doses of loud amplitude.

The touring has become one of the most distinguible remarks of the band and independent scenes in countries such as Mexico, China , Japan, Malaysia, Thailand , Australia and lots of countries that have welcomed the presence of the band.

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