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Z’EV, born Stefan Joel Weisser (Los Angeles California, february 8 1951 – Los Angeles – december 16 2017) Pioneer in the industrial music but pushing the boundaries far from that genre, the poet, performer and musician Z’ev became an important contemporary artist that mainly focus into the performativity and the ritualistic side of music.

Z’EV was active from the late 70’s creating pieces and constructing an unique language, coming from esoteric sources like Kabbalah and the study of the music from other parts of the world. He marvels the audience with self made-custom steel drums, steel pipes, and gongs to produce different pitches, textures, amplitudes and sound ranges creating long improvised and sometimes composed pieces.
Z’EV hasn’t considered his performances as solos, but rather as the unique inter-reactions between himself and his instruments; the particular physical space of the performance; the particular time and geographic location of the performance; and the energies of the audience. While the first two traits will of course remain the same, a change in any of the last three will result in a totally different performance.

His work was described by critics as the materialized the modernist’s ultimate goals: primitivism, improvisation, multi-media/conjunction of art forms, the artist as direct creator.
Z’EV has performed with artists such as Glenn Branca, Genesis P. O’Ridge, Stephen O’ Malley, Charlemagne Palestine, psychic TV, KK Null, Francisco Lopez, Peter Rehberg, Oren Ambarchi, John Mueller, Michael Esposito, Merzbow, John Duncan, David Maranha, Simon Balestrazzi among a large list…..

Recently, Z’EV has expanded his musical vision experimenting with  A/V and the practice of cymatics product of his studies in resonance.
He also wrote books as Metaphors, Mythos and Metaphonics, Toward a Quadrivial Nature, Rythmajik, among others.

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