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The Void of Expansion (Swe/Be)

void of expansion

  • Dirk Serries: Electric guitar + sound processing
  • Tomas Järmyr: Drums


Played by ear, based upon intuition and deep listening techniques, the music breathes and evolves being conducted by situation, environment and frame of mind. Extreme in dynamics, emotion and atmosphere, järmyr & serries’ The Void Of Expansion is an unpolished vehicle to explore their mutual fascination in fading out genre boundaries and creating a spontaneous sonic dialogue. In concert The Void Of Expansion is a musical beast that is equally silent, extremely meditative, slow evolving and violently loud.
The duo pushes the envelope of interaction with a personal but furious approach to freejazz, incorporating elements from the musical worlds of shoegaze, postrock, jazz, ambient and noise.

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