Marcia Basset & Samara Lubelski


  • Samara Lubelski – Violin, sound processing.
  • Marcia Bassett – Guitars, amps, sound processing.

The atmosphere created by this two womans can be described as an immersive and deep experience in sound, provoked by droning layers of a processed electric guitar and the acoustic properties of the violin assembling soundscapes where the timbre is explored and seen from many sides by various stuff, electronic devices and extended techniques.
The musicians find into this dynamics terrain to explore sound space, microtonal intervals and textures produced by objects and stuff bringing closer this music to a twisted industrial/electro acoustic mayhem.
Marcia Bassett is a guitarist well known for playing the noise/drone band Double Leopards and in her solo drone/noise project Zaimph, while Samara Lubelski is a producer and composer of his own project that have reminiscences to folk and psychedelic music and also is known for playing with Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) and for performing solo with her Violin.

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