Julián Gómez

Julián Gómez

Julián Gómez



Julián Gómez  Software, Field Recordings, Synthesizers.

Julián Gómez is a composer and sound artist based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

His work is developed in the fields of electroacoustic music and multimedia.

In his work we find elements of electronic music in the vein of artists such as Christian Fennesz, Tim Hecker, Peter Rehberg, Thomas Köner, Murcof, Else Marie Pade among others.

With the development of a specific methodology and a particular aesthetic work – highly conceptual – Julián Gómez gives us a work framed in the sonorities of ambient, drone, noise, minimalism and experimental electronic music using mainly modular synthesizers , audio editing and composition software, as well as the implementation and processing of acoustic instruments and field recordings (a practice he does often).

His presentations -regularly audiovisual- are accompanied by projections in which the main focus are diverse interpretations of matter, space and time with a focus on detail, gesture, textures and the dissolution and dissipation, giving us a very complete audiovisual essay that reflects even in the fields of psychoacoustics and fenomenology, following David Toop among other contemporary sound theorists.


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